MAINE SECTION - Amateur Radio Relay League

ELMER/Mentor Maine-Wide

Phil Duggan, N1EP, is building a statewide Elmer/Mentoring list so that hams or prospective hams can seek advice or assistance in order to get on the air or licensed. If you would like to represent your town, county, or district, please send an email to Phil Duggan, N1EP email [email protected] n1ep at arrl dot net — We need a strong Elmer Program to follow up with VE teams and clubs. If you are an experienced ham that would be comfortable with sharing your knowledge or could help put the person in contact with those that can help, then PLEASE become an Elmer!

DEC 1, 2021 - My first official Maine Section Manager duty was to award Rod Scribner, KA1RFD, a Certificate of Merit for his outstanding service through the decades to the Maine section. Thank you, again, Rod! de N1EP