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Youth Opportunity!


My name is Tyler Schroder N2RTS, and I’m reaching out to promote an event that is of interest to both new and experienced operators in your area! WY4RC - The Young Amateurs Radio Club, is hosting our first annual YARC-WAYZ (Worked All YARC Zones) special event! Youth operators will be activating WY4RC/#

in the ten US call zones from September 1 to September 15, 2022. Different awards are available for operators who contact at least six or all zones during the event.

If you know of youth who would be interested in operating, please point them to our Discord server,, where we are coordinating the event and time slots.

For clubs and other operators, please have them check out our rules and award details on how to participate!

More information is available online at


Tyler Schroder, N2RTS

New Maine Section History Page

Check out the new and growing Maine Section History Page. The Section Manager history is posted now. Soon, photos from past hamfests and Field Days and other info will be added!


I bring your attention to a few things that may be of interest to your club and members.

  1. There are many grants available, or will be available soon for a wide range of amateur radio programs, such as community outreach, educational, remote access, STEM, etc. Thousands of dollars are available that your club may be eligible for. Some are ARRL Foundation grants (, others that will be available soon are from ARDC. Check out this link: For questions regarding these grants, contact Mike Walters W8ZY at ARRL email [email protected]

  2. The US Forestry Service has proposed a $1400 admin fee for communication systems on public lands, including amateur radio repeaters. The ARRL has convinced the public comment period to be reopened and it will remain so until March 31. Ask your members to post a comment opposing the fee and reminding them of all the public service and emergency communications these amateur radio stations accommodate. You can read posts here: Here is the link to post your own comments:

  3. Rob Leiden K1UI is looking for volunteers to eventually be trained for RFI teams to investigate radio frequency interference in their areas that hams are experiencing. He recommends hams with some technical expertise to join these teams. Rob's email is [email protected]. If each of Maine's affiliated clubs formed such teams, it would be a valuable asset.

  4. During a recent Zoom meeting of New England's Affiliated Club Coordinators, it was suggested that some clubs who are struggling for one reason or another could use a “club mentor” to help solve whatever problem exists. I think this is an excellent idea. Having vibrant clubs is crucial to Maine's amateur radio community.


Phil Duggan, N1EP

Maine Section Manager

Email [email protected]

New Maine Mentor (Elmer) Page

Click on the "Mentors (Elmers)" page above to see a list of amateur radio operators willing to help out new Maine hams, or even experienced hams, who need assistance getting on the air and enjoying this awesome hobby!

DEC 1, 2021 - My first official Maine Section Manager duty was to award Rod Scribner, KA1RFD, a Certificate of Merit for his outstanding service through the decades to the Maine section. Thank you, again, Rod! de N1EP