District 3

Hancock, Knox, Waldo and Washington counties

Assistant Section Manager (ASM) for District 3 is Phil Duggan, N1EP

If any club in District 3 would like to have their club info included in the Signals Downeast Newsletter, contact Phil Duggan N1EP ([email protected])

This invite includes articles, photographs, etc.

Special Boondocks Net

To all amateur radio operators in Districts 3 and 4 in the Maine section (Aroostook, Waldo, Hancock, Washington, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Knox, and Somerset counties):

You are invited to check into a special “one-time” 75 meter net we are dubbing The Boondocks, since most of us are out here in the Boonies. The net will be on Sunday, January 9 at 1600 (4PM) on or near 3.840 MHz LSB.

This net is an opportunity for hams in these counties to meet each other on the air, test the RF pathways between each other, and to discuss the possibility of scheduling another on-air activity using a different band or mode in the future. All are welcome, and especially those from the listed counties.

Please spread the word. Phil Duggan, N1EP, will serve as net control from his QTH is Milbridge in Washington County. Let’s get radioActive and have some fun on the bands!

Maine ARRL District 3 News

(Waldo - Washington - Hancock - Knox counties)

Nov 23, 2021

Hello all,

Holidays greetings from Milbridge! May you all enjoy the holiday with family and friends. As Assistant Section Manager representing ARRL District 3 in Maine, I have put together some news and tidbits that you, your clubs, emcomm groups, and other hams may find useful, so please share this email.

  1. Sometime in January District 3 hams will have the opportunity to meet District 4 (Aroostook, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Somerset) hams on the air in a special 75 meter net. Those with General class privileges and above can join in this informal round-robin net to test the pathways from coastal Maine through the norther part of the state. Let’s get to know our neighbors, and perhaps in the following months we can schedule other fun operating activities using different bands and modes. When the date/time and frequency are set for the January session, an announcement will be posted on mainearrl.org.

  2. Have you invested a lot of money in ham radio equipment? If so, you should know that as an ARRL member, you can purchase discounted ham radio equipment insurance that covers your gear from fire, theft, and several other hazards. The cost equates to $1.40 per $100 of equipment. More info is available here: https://www.arrlinsurance.com/

  3. Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, won the election for ARRL New England Division Director and will take office in January. Fred is a very active ham, especially when it comes to space communications. He will bringing fresh ideas to the division, many of which you may wish to consider for your group or yourself!

  4. The Maine Ham Radio Society will be conducting a special 75-meter net on Thursday, December 16 at 1600 (4pm) on or near 3840 KHz LSB. All are welcome to jump in and share their holiday plans with the other check-ins.

  5. Another benefit of club ARRL affiliation is : "Referrals Of Prospective Radio Amateurs-

League Headquarters, in addition to providing a basic package of information to a prospective ham, will refer prospects to your club for follow-up and recruitment. And your club will be listed in ARRLWeb'sclub search database. In order to remain in the database your club must submit an annual report each year. " - ARRL

  1. I am building a statewide Elmer/Mentoring list so that hams or prospective hams can seek advice or assistance in order to get on the air or licensed. If you would like to represent your town, county, or district, please send an email to Phil Duggan, N1EP email [email protected] n1ep at arrl dot net -- We need a strong Elmer Program to follow up with VE teams and clubs. If you are an experienced ham that would be comfortable with sharing your knowledge or could help put the person in contact with those than can help, then PLEASE become an Elmer!

  2. If your local VE team is scheduling amateur radio exams, please post them on the ARRL web site: http://www.arrl.org/register-an-amateur-radio-license-exam-session Also please send the exam info to Maine’s ARRL Public Information Coordinator, Joy Foss K1SEW, so that she can place it on the Maine section page. Her email is [email protected] k1sew at arrl dot net

  3. Let’s put more effort in attracting more people, especially youth, into our hobby. Has your club given a ham radio demo at local schools? Scouts, 4-H, and other groups often really appreciate ham radio demos or presentations for their youth. We have some local hams in Washington and Hancock counties that organize ham radio camps in association with youth and educational organizations. We include kit-building, on air events, zombie (fox) hunts (the kids LOVE this activity), and other fun activities. Let’s inspire the kids now. They may not get licensed right away, but the experience may spark them later to earn their tickets.

Brenda (N1ZPV) and I wish you all a fantastic holiday season and hope to hear you On The Air!!!

73 de Phil Duggan, N1EP

Assistant Section Manager

Maine ARRL District 3