Mentors (Elmers)

Below is a list of ham radio operators who are willing to provide advice or assistance to new hams or even experienced hams in need of help. It is broken down by regions. Contact Phil Duggan, N1EP, and he will provide you with the contact info for the Elmer in your region. Email n1ep at arrl dot org.  If you would like to be listed as an Elmer, please send N1EP your information.

Maine Statewide

Cory Golob, KU1U

Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, via Zoom, Internet


George Szadis, K1GDI

Chip Stratten, AE5KA, Camden area


Phil Duggan, N1EP

Roger Holst, W1LH

Lincoln County

Jose Douglas, KB1TCD

Jim Kutsch, KY2D

Franklin County

Russ Norris, KA1FKC

Piscataquis County

Gary Scavette, N1VWH

Somerset County

Wayne Pfeffer, KB2GZH

MT Vernon Area

Phil Fleury, K1FP

Western Maine

John Tarbox, WA1KLI

Penobscot County

Pete Bither, AI1O

Jerry Burns, K1GUP

Berwick Area

Leo Langellier, N1BOK